[Solved] Facebook Redirecting To Messenger When Message Icon Clicked

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Recently, I am having problem using facebook message feature on facebook web platform(facebook.com). It was working fine but suddenly, when I click on message icon on facebook homepage, it redirects me to messenger.com . I am well aware that messenger is also a facebook product and can function separately from usual facebook web application but it is forcing me to use messenger web application for chatting/messaging.

It’s been just a day or two since I am having this problem. Before, the messages would appear as bubble overlaying at the bottom of page. I was able to both chat and use regular facebook simultaneously.

But now, if I click on any message related icon like top message icon, active user etc, I get redirected to messenger.com and I have to do messaging stuffs on separate tab.

I tested on my friends laptop and found that only my account is having this problem. Even when he(friend) logs in on my laptop, it works fine but doesn’t for me.


Reporting the problem to the facebook actually solved the problem. I tried clearing cache/cookies but that didn’t work. I reported with a screenshot and the problem was gone after waiting 3 days.

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