How To Get Into Programming As A Beginner ?

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The straight forward answer is to pick a language, sit in front of a computer and start coding. The first thing to get into programming is that you must have passion about it, you have to be able to work on pressure, you have to be able to face the problems and be ready to solve them.

[ Note that this article is for absolute beginner. ]

This question is asked by almost all of the students who are willing to learn programming and secure their career. Understanding this question, one can finally understand the following :-

  • What is a programming language ?
  • What are different types of programming languages ?
  • How do websites / web-apps work ?
  • How to build websites ?
  • How to build mobile apps ?
  • What is the difference between front-end and back-end developer ?
  • Why someone is called full-stack developer ?

After understanding these, you will be able to choose a language ( and its framework ) and start building your projects. I must include that its takes several failures to succeed without any failure. And in programming, you should never give up(you will be hitting bad problems) .

What is a programming language ?

A programming language is a set of grammatical instructions that directs a computer to perform certain task. Programming languages are used in computer programming to implement algorithms.

What are different types of programming languages ?

  1. Low Level Language : It includes Machine Language(1GL) and Assembly Language(2GL).
  2. High Level Language : It includes Procedural Oriented Language (3GL), Problem Oriented Language(4GL) and Natural Language(5GL).

Now, lets talk about the fields where programming is used. The main areas of programming are Web and Mobile technologies. Besides, many hardware components can be programmed, machines, robots, cars and even fridges are programmed these days. For a beginner, its better to understand the core web and mobile parts. So, lets dive in. To program for web technology, lets first understand :

How do websites / web-apps work ?

A website is simply a collection of web pages and a web page is just a layout containing informational content about some specific topic. A website is can have a single page or thousands of pages as long as the server has storage. Website is hosted on a web-server which is basically a internet connected computer and the whole website sits on the web-server .

When we type website url on browser, the browser requests for a page to the web-server, the server looks for the correct web page to send back to( this is handled by server side programming) and after finding the correct page, server sends back the web page in the form of html document.

As a web developer, one needs to create appropriate html document, make it beautiful (HTML is the basic language to form the layout of the web page but is not always sufficient so, to make the web page more attractive CSS and JavaScript must be applied ) and the more important part is you have to handle which page should server return for what request. For example if a request is something like [GET], the server should send a login page to a user.

How to build a website ?

Building a website includes creating html pages, styling theme, adding cool animations using javascript and if building a dynamic website, writing some service side scripts. The HTML is a markup language and is used to just set up the structure of a website. CSS is used to style layouts. JavaScript can handle the user’s interaction with DOM elements. Server side languages like PHP, Java, Python, JavaScript etc can be used in server side programming.

Here are some Learning Platforms For Beginners :

How to build mobile apps ?

Mobile apps are a little different then websites. Mobile apps run on mobiles rather than on browsers. They are developed for specific operating system. For example, apps built for Android OS do not run on IOS and apps build for IOS do not run on Android Devices. So there used to be platform specific developers back then( Java is used to build Android Apps and Swift is used to build IOS apps). But, cross platform language and frameworks have been introduced which generates applications that run on both devices by a single code-base . For example Flutter, React Native etc.

What is the difference between front-end and back-end developer ?

Front-End developer focuses on how the application looks and feels on client side. He deals with user interfaces and user experiences which makes the application better seen from user’s perspective. Front-end developer is sometime also called as a designer. Front-End developer uses HTML, CSS and Javascript. Using JavaScript is what makes him developer and not only designer .

On the other hand, Back-End developer focuses on how the application works, when and what data should the user get etc. He monitors the problems, works on logics and handles any server side requests. Back-End developer is also called server-side developer. Back-End developer uses Server side language like Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript etc and their respective frameworks. Back-End developer also deals with databases and should have knowledge about databases like MySql.

Why someone is called full-stack developer ?

You may have heard someone being called full-stack developer or the software company asking for full-stack developer. What is the meaning of full-stack developer ? So, earlier, we talked about front-end and back-end developer. A developer who can work on both front-end and back-end is called full-stack developer. In the market, the demand for full-stack developer is increasing these days as he can handle the whole project on his own.


Since, we discussed the fundamentals of programming fields ( not everything), you should now be able to decide where get started with. To sum up the article, here is the guide for a beginner.

  • Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript(roughly) .
  • Pick a server-side language, PHP is easy to get started with.
  • Learn the basic syntax and core part.
  • Learn how to handle requests.
  • Learn how to connect to databases.
  • Learn how to store and fetch data from databases.

After learning these, you should be able to work on some crud project. You can also start the project and learn and build as you go.

Then, start building your dream projects or fun projects which will improve your skills. You can even create a clone website and show it in job interview which might get you a job.


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