New Era: PUBG Mobile Update 1.0 | Release Date And Teaser Reaveled

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PUBG Mobile is pushing New Era(Update 1.0) worldwide on 8th September 2020 across all platforms. The update will contain the most awaited Battle Royale Map Erangel 2.0 and of course players will get to experience enhanced features in terms of gameplay, graphics and many more.

PUBG Mobile is ranked as one of the best mobile game due to its realistic battle royale experience and more importantly its feature of optimized graphics on mobo devices. As the battle royale games are getting popular on both PC and Mobile, PUBG has placed itself on the front row of gaming world. PUBG Mobile team has been working on providing better experience to players and lifting up the gaming entertainment sector. We can see that just by looking at how often they push updates to the game. They push in-game as well as release update almost regularly. But this upcoming update is a lot more than just these regular updates.

The upcoming update, they call it NEW ERA or UPDATE 1.0 is getting significant revamp, massive changes and new experience to the players for sure. The release date and information about upcoming update was revealed on Apple’s App Store.

On 8th September 2020, The update named “New Era” will be rolled out worldwide across all devices. It will bring enhanced graphics, cleaner textures, smoother gameplay, major changes to signature locations and flashier effects. It will also get some realtime particle effects on smoke and explosion. The gun animation will also be changed with scope interactions and muzzle flashes.

Talking about the buildings, passive regions and hot drop regions will be revamped. Power plant of Mylta, 7 warehouses and containers of Georgopol will also get changed. Basements will be added to several buildings and also extra covers will be added as bushes and vehicles. Some locations like Yasnaya Polyana, Quarry, Pochinki and even The School Area are expected to get revamped and should feature different buildings.

The update will contain some UI Changes as well. On the other hand, the update might force players to adapt new combat tactics as the buildings and covers will be different.

The PUBG Mobile India officials have also released a teaser about the update on their official channel.

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