Web 3.0 – How to get started ?

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Web3.0 is the hot topic these days. If you follow any tech forums or developer communities, there is a definite chance that you may have heard the term. In this article, you will learn about the core concept of web3.0, why it’s getting popular and how you can get started with it as a developer.

What is web3.0 ?

Web 3.0 is the next generation internet or web technology that is powered by blockchain technology at it’s core. To understand web 3.0, let’s talk a little about the history of web technologies. At the beginning, all contents of web were static, meaning that there were no storage mechanism of web contents and there were no control centers as well. After some time, web 2.0 was emerged. It’s what we are using now. The contents are dynamic in this version but there is a control over it and big companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon etc. own the controls.

The basic concept of web 3.0 is to give the ownership of data to users and creators themselves. It’s powered by blockchain so a single company or control center can not do anything to data as it’s done in current systems.

You may have heard of some cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethers etc. These all are powered by the blockchain technology. Even though, the blockchain is pretty much applied in cryptocurrencies until now, it’s literally possible to implement any system and business. In very simple terms, it can be used in any system where middle man exists in between buyer and seller.

If you want to get some deeper insights about it you can refer to the official Ethereum Documentation.

How to get started with web 3.0 ?

Once you understand the concept and fundamental idea of web3.0, you can start diving into development part. First, you have to choose the area of development you want to get into. We can divide blockchain development into mainly two parts :

  1. Core developers who work with design of blockchain architecture and it’s security at it’s core.
  2. Blockchain software developers who use blockchain core and it’s architecture to build decentralized applications, web applications and smart contracts.

If you want to learn the core mathematics of blockchain technology, you should check out some youtube videos, among which I would recommend 3Blues1Brown.

Most of the time, developers use the blockchain core like Ethereum to build DApps and smart contracts and they are paid well by big companies.

Any decentralized applications or DApps can be divided into two components: front-end and back-end. Separate language and technologies are used for the development of them. In front-end, you interact with users and in back-end, interaction with block chain and transaction with them is made. If you want to use Ethereum platform, Solidity is the official language. For front-end, JavaScript or python can be used. Some of the available libraries are web3.js, web3.py etc.

Again, there are tons of video tutorials on YouTube. If you follow one thoroughly, it’s certain that you will learn to build DApp from scratch. Some of the notable YouTube channels for learning web3.0 or blockchain are:

  1. 3Blue1Brown
  2. FreeCodeCamp
  3. Dapp University
  4. Block Explorer
  5. EatTheBlocks
  6. Code Eater
  7. Polycode


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