Microsoft Windows 11 | What’s So Special ?

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A long awaited Microsoft’s Windows 11 version has been released. Satya Nadela, CEO of Microsoft said this release as the most significant windows release of past decade. So, this release is supposed to be the most interesting and significant for windows users. The windows 10 successor, Windows 11 brings the complete new user interfaces and many features making it the ultimate goal for windows users.

What’s so special about Windows 11 ?

  1. Android Apps with Microsoft Store
    Android apps will be available to download via microsoft store. Users will be able to run apps that run on android devices on windows 11.
  2. Widgets
    Windows 11 brings fresh and cool widgets.
  3. Gaming
    Microsoft has promised the superior graphics with Auto HDR on windows 11. Over 1000 games will be automatically enhanced on Windows 11 devices which support Auto HDR. The direct storage on windows 11 will allow the top performing devices to perform even better. The XBOX pass will be available with XBOX app.
  4. Touch
    Windows 11 works with better enhanced touch mode when using microsoft surface on tablet mode. The Heptics enabled in Windows 11 makes the pen using easier.
  5. Vertical Tabs
    Windows 11 bring the vertical tabs feature to make it easier to see the tabs opened. The different desktop modes is also available according the needs and working preferences.
  6. Design
    Windows 11 is a complete re-design in terms of various aspects. The start menu has been moved to the center, widgets are available, touch friendly layouts and snap layouts are available for multitasking.
  7. Multitasking
    Windows 11 allows users to use two applications at the same time side by side. The snap layout lets user to choose from different layouts while opening multiple apps.

How to upgrade to Windows 11 ?

Windows 11 will launch later this year, and it will be available for testing to Windows Insiders next week. The new operating system will be available as a free upgrade for Windows 10 users. You can check the PC Health Check app

What is the minimum system requirement for windows 11 ?

Processor1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or System on a Chip (SoC)
Memory4 GB RAM
Storage64 GB or larger storage device
System FirmwareUEFI, Secure Boot Capable
TPMTrusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0
Graphics CardDirectX 12 compatible graphics / WDDM 2.x
Display9” with HD Resolution (720p)
Internet ConnectionMicrosoft account and internet connectivity required for setup for Windows 11 Home
Certain features require specific hardware, see detailed system requirements.

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